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Lily, May, Edith, & points in between | January 24, 2010

Yesterday, in a burst of unexpected creativity, I wrote a poem tentatively called “On Finishing The House of Mirth” (tentatively, because is that “On ____” construction a little pretentious?  It might be).

This morning, I opened for the first time a book of Maxine Kumin poems, which I bought this spring when I still lived in Texas because a) I like that woodchucks poem and b) it was cheap.  It fell open to a poem called “On Reading The Age of Innocence in a Troubled Time.”  I think the world and I understand each other today.

                                    “Look away,
May Welland!  Turn aside as best you can.
Even defended from life on the streets,
from all that was turbulent, ragged and rough,
even unacknowledged, May, history repeats.
You must have seen enough.”


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